Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Crazy Doctors

The attending I worked with this afternoon had on an outfit so crazy that I couldn't find anything comparable on Google Images. She was wearing a pair of cream colored capri pants with a graded pattern of black fish, with the most fish around the leg bottoms tapering off higher up; a wine-colored shirt; a set of Celtic cross earrings and necklace in silver and turquoise; and a pair of black Dansko clogs without socks, which go so well with capris. What really made the outfit, though, was her jacket. It was made of crinkled satin-y material (I think it's called crepe), fitted close to the body, with an oddly floppy collar. The print varied wildly: the right front panel was a loud orange with an Asian dragon-type pattern in turquoise with maroon sequins; the left front panel was dark green with a small, busy and meaningless gold pattern; around the back of the jacket, the majority was the orange pattern again, with a small bit under the right arm in the green for contrast; and around the left arm, the green pattern gave way to a solid maroon running directly up the underside of her arm into her armpit.

The whole effect was so strikingly weird that I kept staring at it all afternoon. It was like watching a walking Rorschach test all day. I just kept thinking, this is like the description of schizotypal personality disorder that I Just read about. It's a good thing that the room we watched family therapy in (through one-way mirrors) was pitch black, so I couldn't stare at it too hard while we were in there.


The Peanut Gallery said...

That's a great story. What a whack-o outfit.

frectis said...

When did you move to Colorado? lol, that's anyone off the street ;)