Sunday, August 27, 2006

New Obsession

So if you don't own the 30 Seconds to Mars CD you should, now. Go. Go, run, get it NOW. You can even listen to the songs on their website. Is it weird that I find their video for 'The Kill' oddly sexy, with Jared Leto wearing eyeliner screaming in his own face? Probably, but damn is it sexy.

I start Peds tomorrow, so hopefully I'll have more to report. All I've done the past week is, ah, nothing. Now, we're watching the Emmys, but they're in some boring-ass "the writers of reality-news-comedy shows that I don't have the time to watch" awards, so I figured I'd share my love for the new singing Jared Leto with all of you. You can think the tribute to Aaron Spelling for this.

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