Sunday, May 21, 2006


So I already watched Season 3 of 'Scrubs' this weekend, AND read Harry Potter 3, and took a full-length USMLE practice test. It was supposed to last 8 hours (7 hours of test + 1 hour of breaks)--is it bad that I finished in about 4.5 hours, including breaks? Probably. Oops.

I'm bored. My fiance is watching some season of '24' (does it matter which one? There's a giant disaster to be avoided, and it's all on Jack's head), and my eyes hurt, so I really shouldn't be typing, but it's better than flipping through the channels trying to find a "Law and Order" that I haven't already seen. Man, Christopher Meloni's character on 'Scrubs' was priceless--I think I almost wet myself I laughed so hard.

I just want this damn test to be over so I can worry about the wedding without feeling guilty about it. I'm not sure whether it's awesome, or highlights my pathetic-ness, but I've started receiving emails with offers of food, since I should be studying so much I forget to eat. I am such a freaking slacker! I'm definitely NOT forgetting to eat, that's for sure. Good thing I'm also not forgetting to go to the gym, or my wedding dress and I would have words here in 3 weeks. Oh my GOD I'm getting MARRIED in THREE WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Better go bust out that "Worst-Case Scenario" book so I can learn how to make a bridal gown out of a table cloth. You know. Just in case I outfat my dress with all the stress eating.

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